Sex-determination process is a biological process that determines the development of sexual characteristics in an organism. Most of the organisms that creates their offspring with the help of sexual reproduction process have two sexes. Sex determination helps to determine the organism gender whether it will be male or a female, and these are the two most common sexes. Due to parthenogenesis some species have only one sex , they act of a female reproducing without fertilization.

In 1891 German scientist Hermann Henkingin was first studied about sex determination. he was studying in the insect when he first observed a different nuclear component in some of the male gametes. Chromosomal sex determination,is the most widely used technique. In this technique we know about sex chromosome of male which is X or Y chromosome. The sex chromosome of a male decides the gender of the offspring. In most cases male carries "XY" chromosome and female carries "XX" chromosome . In this process it is also possible to perform genetic tests to sort out any chromosomal or genetic disorders. Sex determination is a genetic process to identify the sex of the organism.

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