Mendel’s experiments

Mendel’s Experiments on Pea Plant:

Mendel selected peas(Pisum sativum) for his experiment for many reasons:

  • The pea plants are easy to grow and many generations can be shown each year.
  • It is very easy to maintain them.
  • Pea flowers contains both male and female parts,called stamen and stigma.
  • The Peas can be cross-pollinated but also can be naturally self-pollinating.


Traits in the pea plants:

In pea plants Mendel followed the inheritance of 7 traits in the plants, and each of trait had 2 forms. Mendel identified pure-breeding pea plants that consistently showed one form of a trait after generations of self-pollination.

He studied from his experiment and Mendel made a list of contrasting characters:


Then he crossed these pure-breeding lines of the plants and recorded the traits of the hybrid progeny. Then he found that all of the first-generation (F1) hybrids looked like one of the parent plants.

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